Rundlaufmessung, Stacking von Zylindern
Vollautomatische Messung
Kontur und Rauheit
MORA Koordinatenmesssysteme
Höhenmessgerät MAB602
Kontur- und Rauheitstastspitzen
Streppel Glasfaseroptik
Aus PCV wird P4HD

Measurement is our Dimension

Wherever dimensional accuracy is a prerequisite to success, you can be sure that Öchsner Messtechnik GmbH will be close at hand.

No matter what challenge you are facing - we can provide the appropriate solution with all the neccessary assistance at all stages, from equipment selection to operator training.
Take a tour of our website to learn just why we here at Oechsner Messtechnik think you will be impressed by our range of products and services.

We are more than happy and willing to meet the challenge of any measurement task.