Oechsner Messtechnik GmbH

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Equipment and machines for  quality assurance in the laboratory and on the shop floor.

Rapid Measurement of serial parts

Contour and Roughness


FlexCal - die Lösung für Serienteilmessung T4HD - Konturmessung und Rauheitsauswertung in einem Zug Profilprojektor Microtecnica Helios V 350
FlexCal and FlexGauge: precise measurement of serial parts adjacent to the machining center - accurate results within minutes!
Triebworx T4HD: Laboratory Quality Measurement of Contour and Roughness
Microtecnica Profileprojectors - Measurement technology that is easy to use

Height gauge MAB602

Magnetic Linear Scales

High Precision Granite

Höhenmessgerät MAB602
Magnetische Messsystem, Maßstäbe, Rotationsgeber und Anzeigegeräte Granittische, Granitmessplatten, Granitlineale, Sondergranit
Height Gauge MAB602 - Robust instrument with intuitive touch display
Tirgre Scales- Linear scales, rotation encoders and readout systems

Mytri Granite - from simple granite tables to machine bases with air bearings

Contour- and Roughness styli


Tastspitzen und Rauheitsnadeln für Konturmessgeräte GyroMech - Rundlaufanalyse für Wellen, Lager, Getriebe, Windräder
We deliver compatible styli for Mahr and Hommel machines - direct from stock plus styli to your specifications
GyroMech - Runout analysis for machine tools